Welcome to my space on the web. The name is C. Daniel Gory (I go by Daniel). I am a graduate of the Web Developer program at Fleming College and currently attending courses at Trent University. I enjoyed my time at Fleming which is why I am continuing my education. Technology leads us to be life long learners.

This is version 2.PHP of my web site. The theme may feel a bit dark but before one can feel enlightenment, one must feel the true power of the dark side (haha)! My First version is still viewable on my web site.


When it comes to developing web sites, I believe in keeping to web standards, writing clean code, broadening accessibility to the intended and extended audience and catering to the client's needs.


Services offered include:

  • Web Site Design/Redesign
  • Web Site Planning and Consulting
  • Logo Design
  • Photography

I am proficient with (X)HTML and CSS plus working understanding of PHP, ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript, and Visual Basic languages.

Last Updated: Jan 28, 2010


Book cover of JPod Jacket Cover by Douglas Coupland JPod

JPod by Douglas Coupland is a book I've started reading. Two words stood out when I read the inside of the jacket; Vancouver and Technogeeks. Within the first 20 pages, there's a dead body. I'll keep you posted.

Update: Oct 12/06. Currently up to page 200 and the more I read this story, the more I'm glad my parents are leading less dramatic lives.

Update: Oct 30/06. Finished reading the novel last night. It is an interesting life that Ethan (main character) leads. I give this book an A-OK. I think that the author is a bit full of himself though.